What is 316 stainless steel flanges?

Date:May 15, 2019

"316 stainless steel" is a material, "flange" is a common mechanical structure. 316 stainless steel flange is a kind of mechanical common shaft connecting parts made of 316 material.

What are the classifications of flanges? Stainless steel flange, dual phase steel flange, stainless steel flange, butt welding neck flange, American standard American standard with flat welding neck flange, pine set of flat welding flange, flange, butt welding the concavo-convex surface with neck flange, with flat welding neck flange, ring joint flange, butt welding surface of the flange, flange and reducing pipe butt welding flange, flat welding flange, socket welding flange, concave and convex surface of the flange, butt welding ring flange, flange cover, blind flange, figure 8 blind flange, etc.

Another meaning of national standard flange is: According to the national standard size, the tolerance range, such as the production of flange, apart from not according to the standard size production of flange piece also said two standard flange (someone called non-standard flange is not correct), usually some unscrupulous merchants will reduce two flange thickness, diameter size to achieve the purpose of saving material, and made from scrap steel and scrap steel flange, is usually the steel chemical composition and mechanical properties of substandard waste, moreover steelmaking production flange with black steel private, the private steel steelmaking technology using old, there is no guarantee that the mechanical properties and welding performance, use which may not be able to and steel pipe welding, Or the steel itself has cracks, pores and other welding up will also leak.

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