Does martensitic stainless steel rust?

Date:May 29, 2019

Maraging stainless steel will certainly rust, the so-called stainless steel is just its corrosion resistance is superior, not easy to be corroded.

 1cr13, 2cr13, equivalent to 410420 steel. In the common steel, 4 series of steel is not stainless steel in a strict sense, but maraging Ferric stainless steel, which can only be called stainless iron at best. Therefore, its corrosion resistance is very limited, it is impossible to compare with 2 series, 3 series stainless steel. 

2 series stainless steel, such as 202204, its nickel content is low, the price is cheap, but the overall performance, regardless of corrosion resistance or strength, is much worse than the 3 series. 

3 series stainless steel, can become stainless steel in the real sense, its corrosion resistance is much better than other models, especially 304 grade stainless steel has better properties. But even the 3 series stainless steel will still be corroded in a particular environment. For example, 304 can ensure that it does not rust for more than 5 years in the ordinary environment, but in the salt spray test, it is difficult to last 168 hours (7 days). If 304 is passivated, it can last for 720 hours (30 days) in salt spray test, but it is also difficult to last longer. 

Therefore, all stainless steel is relative, according to the actual environment and occasions to consider which stainless steel to choose. After all, the price of high-specification stainless steel is much more expensive than other grades, and even calculated by multiples. 

In addition, 1cr18ni9ti, equivalent to 321 (slightly different), is one of the highest grades in the 3 series, is Austenite stainless steel, and is resistant to high temperature. Its physical properties are very superior, whether it is strength or corrosion resistance. In the ordinary environment, it is not easy to make 1cr18ni9ti rust.

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