How to order rail steel

Date:Oct 23, 2018

Rail steel (rail steel), is used for the manufacture of locomotives, cranes and other tracks of the professional steel.

Most of the rail steel is produced by the oxygen furnace and the oxygen converter, which is rolled by rolling. Rail in use is mainly subjected to wear and long-term repeated load, so the requirements are wear-resistant, pressure, fatigue resistance, welding and good toughness.

The rail is mainly subjected to the pressure and impact load of rolling stock, therefore, it requires sufficient strength and hardness and a certain toughness. The commonly used rail steel is a carbon-calming steel made from open hearth and BOF, which contains carbon wc0.6%. 0.8%, belongs to the medium carbon steel and high carbon steels, but the manganese content of WMN is higher, within 1.1% of o.6%.

Rail according to China's national standards and metallurgical industry standards are divided into railway rail, light rail, conductive rails and crane rails.

How to order rail steel

In recent years, common low-alloy steel rails have been widely used, such as high silicon rails, medium manganese rails, copper rails, and ti-bearing rails. Ordinary low alloy rail is more wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant than carbon rail, and its service life is greatly improved.

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