How will the steel technique develop in the future?

Date:Jul 07, 2019

How will the steel technique develop in the future?

The iron and steel industry should follow the main technical development directions:

1. Low carbon iron making technology

Following the blast furnace low-carbon ironmaking technology, it mainly focuses on the research of new furnace materials such as carbon-iron composite charge in blast furnace, recycling of blast furnace top gas, hydrogen-containing substances (hydrogen-rich, natural gas, COG) injection, high oxygen enrichment (rich Oxygen rate 30% or total oxygen) injection, limited amount of coal injection, etc., to reduce CO2 emissions from iron making process.

2.Low-carbon, emission-reducing non-blast furnace ironmaking technology

Non-blast furnace ironmaking technology uses hydrogen reduction, which can significantly reduce CO2 emissions. It mainly includes five kinds: smelting reduction technology, direct reduction technology, direct hydrogen reduction, direct metallurgy based on smelting reduction of hydrogen metallurgy, carbon dioxide separation, collection, storage and utilization technologies.

3. Steelmaking technology

Mainly can be refined into four aspects: high-efficiency desulfurization hot metal pretreatment technology, new high-efficiency refining process of ladle bottom powder spraying, oxide metallurgy technology to manufacture large-line energy welding steel, and thick gauge structural steel uniform microstructure control. Get new performance while achieving good desulfurization results.

4. High-quality special steel, high efficient, low cost special metallurgy new process

The first is three refining technologies. After the conventional electric furnace or converter process, three refineries are added for special steel materials and other high-performance metal materials for aerospace applications such as high efficiency and low cost. Secondly, the new generation of special steel is cleaned, homogenization and refining technology, research and development of a new generation of special steel ladle clean refining technology characterized by non-polluting, heating and deoxidation of molten steel, high-end stainless steel pressurized nitrogen-added metallurgy new technology, electroslag remelting technology based on conductive crystallizer, etc. For the production of high-end alloy steel.

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