Martensitic Aging Steel

Date:Oct 09, 2018

Martensite Aging Steel is one of the ultra-high strength Steels. The advantages of this steel outstanding is the heat treatment process is simple and convenient, after the solution of the mechanical processing before the aging, heat treatment deformation, processing performance and welding performance are very good. The heat treatment process and properties of martensitic aging steels are shown in the table below. In recent years, foreign use of martensitic aging steel mold is widely used, but in the domestic, due to martensite aging steel containing ni, Co and other precious metal elements, and high content, expensive, it is difficult to apply widely. This type of steel is mainly used for precision forging die and plastic mold.


Typical martensitic aging steels are commonly used in grades classified by Strength: 18Ni (200), 18Ni (250), 18Ni (300), and 18Ni (350) are widely used.

In recent years, some countries have developed many variant steel grades of martensitic aging steels, especially the Non-cobalt martensitic aging steels with good properties.

The application of martensitic aging steels has been widely used in including rocket engine shell, missile shell, uranium isotope centrifuge high-speed reduction, helicopter landing gear, High pressure vessel, hinge, gear, bearing, High pressure sensor, fastener, spring, as well as aluminum alloy extrusion die and casting die, precision mold, cold stamping die and other tools.

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