What is alloy pipe?

Date:Jul 31, 2019

 Alloy pipe is a kind of seamless steel pipe, and its performance is much higher than that of the ordinary seamless steel pipe. Because the steel pipe contains more Cr, its high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are compared with other seamless steel pipes. On the upper, so the alloy tube is widely used in petroleum, aerospace, chemical, electric power, boiler, military and other industries.

As an important part of steel products, alloy pipes are divided into two types: seamless steel pipes (round billets) and welded steel pipes (plates and strips) due to their different manufacturing processes and the shape of the pipe blanks used.

The alloy pipe is mainly used for the heating surface tube of low and medium pressure boilers (the working pressure is generally not more than 5.88Mpa and the working temperature is below 450°C); it is used for high pressure boilers (the working pressure is generally above 9.8Mpa, and the working temperature is 450°C650°C). Heating surface pipe, economizer, superheater, reheater, petrochemical industrial pipe, etc.

Alloy pipe use:

The main purpose of the alloy pipe is for high-pressure and high-temperature pipelines and equipment such as power plants, nuclear power, high-pressure boilers, high-temperature superheaters and reheaters. It is made of high-quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel and stainless steel. It is formed by hot rolling (extrusion, expansion) or cold rolling (drawing).

Alloy pipe advantages:

It can be 100% recycled, in line with the national strategy of environmental protection, energy saving and resource conservation. The national policy encourages the expansion of the application field of high-pressure alloy pipes. At present, China's alloy pipe consumption accounts for half of the total amount of steel in developed countries, and the expansion of alloy pipe use provides a broader space for industry development. According to the research of the expert group of the alloy pipe branch of China Special Steel Association, the demand for long-term high-pressure alloy pipe in China will increase by 10-12% annually.

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