What is oil casing pipe?

Date:Aug 06, 2019

Oil casing pipe is used to support the oil and gas well walls to ensure the normal operation of the entire well after the drilling process is completed. Each well is based on different depths of drilling and geology, using several layers of casing. After the casing is down, the cement is to be cemented. It is different from the oil pipe and the drill pipe and cannot be reused. It is a disposable material. Therefore, the consumption of casing accounts for more than 70% of all oil well pipes.

Oil casing pipe is the lifeline for maintaining oil well operations. Due to different geological conditions, the state of the downhole is complicated, and the combined action of tension, compression, bending and torsion stress acts on the pipe body, which puts high requirements on the quality of the casing itself. Once the casing itself is damaged for some reason, it may result in a reduction in production and even scrapping of the entire well.

The oil casing pipe is a large-diameter pipe that acts as a fixed oil and gas well wall or wellbore. The casing is inserted into the wellbore and cemented to help the wellbore separate the formation and prevent the wellbore from collapsing, while ensuring that the drilling mud circulates for drilling.

Different types of casing used in oil extraction: Surface oil casing protects the well from contamination by shallow water and shallow gas, supports wellhead equipment and maintains the weight of the other layers of the casing. The technical oil casing separates the pressure at different levels so that the drilling fluid is properly circulated and the production casing is protected. In order to install the anti-burst device, the leakage preventing device and the tail pipe in the drilling. Oil-in-oil casings export oil and gas from the subsurface storage. Used to protect the well and stratify the drilling mud. When producing oil casings, the outer diameter is usually 114.3 mm to 508 mm.

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