What is stainless steel embossed plate?

Date:Jul 26, 2019

The stainless steel embossed plate is a pattern in which the surface of the steel plate is uneven, and is mainly used in places where smoothness and ornamental are required. The embossing is rolled with a patterned work roll, and the work rolls are usually machined with an erosive liquid. The depth of the irregularities on the plate varies from pattern to pattern, about 20-30 microns.

The surface of the stainless steel embossed plate has different patterns and textures, and has a distinct embossed three-dimensional effect, which enhances the artistic appeal of the stainless steel plate.The main materials are 201, 202, 304, 316 and other stainless steel plates. The general specifications are: 1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm; they can be opened or not, or they can be embossed with a whole thickness of 0.3mm~2.0mm.

Main advantages: durable, durable, wear-resistant, decorative effect. Visually beautiful, high quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-shock, anti-pressure, scratch-resistant and no fingerprints.

Uses: Stainless steel embossed plate is suitable for decoration elevator car, subway car, all kinds of cabin, building decoration and decoration, metal curtain wall industry.

The production process of stainless steel embossed plates: one type is obtained by rolling mills in the production of stainless steel, which is the state of annealing and pickling after hot rolling. The process is as follows: stainless steel billet hot strip mill rolling black Roll thermal annealing and pickling line leveling machine, tension leveler, polishing line cross-cut line hot-rolled stainless steel tread plate. This type of tread plate is flat on one side and a pattern on the other. Such tread plates are more commonly used in chemical, railway vehicles, platforms and other places where strength is required.

The second category is the processing enterprises on the market, which buy hot-rolled or cold-rolled stainless steel plates from steel mills and use mechanically stamped tread plates. These products are concave and convex on one side and are often used in general civil decoration.

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