what is the Boat Plate

Date:Oct 30, 2018

The plate is a hot-rolled steel plate used to manufacture the hull structure according to the requirements of the Classification Society Construction Code.

Structural steels for Hull are divided by their minimum yield points in terms of strength: general strength structural steels and high strength structural steels.

what is the Boat Plate

China Classification Society Standard General Strength structural steel is divided into: A, B, D, e four quality classes (i.e., CCSA, CCSB, CCSC, CCSD); China Classification Society Standard high Strength structural steel is three strength level, four quality grade.

The main classification society norms are:

what is the Boat Plate

Introduction of ship board:

Steel for general strength hull structure

General strength hull structure steel is divided into a, B, C, D4 grade, the yield strength of the 4 grades of steel (not less than 235N/mm^2) and tensile strength (400~520N/mm^2), just different temperature impact work is not the same;

The strength grade of high strength hull structure is divided according to its minimum yield strength, and each intensity grade is divided into a, D, E and F4 grade according to the difference of its impact toughness.

Shipping Steel Delivery Acceptance Precautions:

1, the quality certification of the review:

Steel mill delivery must be in accordance with the requirements of the customer according to the specification of the contract delivery and provide the original quality certificate. The certificate must have the following contents:

(1) specification requirements;

(2) Quality record number and certificate number;

(3) Furnace batch number, technical grade;

(4) Chemical composition and mechanical properties;

(5) Approval Certificate of Classification society and signature of surveyor.

2. Physical Examination:

Ship steel delivery, physical objects should be the production plant logo. Specifically:

(1) Classification Society accreditation mark;

(2) The use of paint frame or paste marks, including technical parameters such as: furnace batch number, standard grade, length and width of the size, etc.;

(3) Smooth appearance, no defects.

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