What is the usage of boiler tube?

Date:Aug 11, 2019

Boiler tube refers to steel that is open at both ends and has a hollow section. Its length is larger than that of the surrounding. According to the production method, it can be divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe. The specifications of the steel pipe are the outer dimensions (such as the outer diameter or the side length). The wall thickness indicates a wide range of sizes, from small diameter capillaries to large diameter pipes up to several meters in diameter.

The boiler tube is a type of seamless tube. The manufacturing method is the same as that of the seamless pipe, but there are strict requirements for the steel used in the manufacture of the steel pipe. According to the use temperature, it can be divided into two types: general boiler tube and high pressure boiler tube.

The mechanical properties of the boiler tube are important indicators to ensure the final performance of the steel (mechanical properties), which depends on the chemical composition of the steel and the heat treatment system. In the steel pipe standard, tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation), hardness and toughness indexes, and high and low temperature properties required by users are specified according to different use requirements.

1. The general boiler tube temperature is below 350 °C, and the domestic tube is mainly made of 10 or 20 carbon steel hot-rolled tubes or cold-drawn tubes.

2. High-pressure boiler tubes are often exposed to high temperature and high pressure conditions. The tubes will oxidize and corrode under the action of high temperature flue gas and water vapor. Steel pipes are required to have high durability, high corrosion resistance and good structural stability.

General boiler tubes are mainly used to manufacture water-cooled wall pipes, boiling water pipes, superheated steam pipes, superheated steam pipes for locomotive boilers, large and small smoke pipes and arch brick pipes. High-pressure boiler tubes are mainly used to manufacture superheater tubes, reheater tubes, air ducts, main steam tubes, etc. for high-pressure and ultra-high pressure boilers.

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