337 Investigation About Carbon Steel And Alloy Steel Products

337 Investigation About Carbon Steel And Alloy Steel Products

Date:May 05, 2016

On local time April 26, the United States Steel Corporation apply to the International Trade Commission of United States, the request for China He Bei Iron and Steel Group, Shanghai Bao Steel Group and other 40 Chinese steel enterprises exports United States the carbon steel and alloy steel products filed a 337 investigation, and publish a permanent exclusion or injunctions. It will take the International Trade Commission of United States 30 days to evaluate the petition, and then decided whether to carry out the investigation or not.Once after the filing responses to failure, then Chinese steel enterprises is likely to face antitrust fines about investigation.

The United States Steel Corporation's predecessor was founded in 1864, Carnegie Steel Company, is headquartered in the United States the largest integrated steel enterprises.The accused Chinese steel enterprises and their dealers colluded control the prices, theft of trade secrets, and through false label to avoid trade tax, requirements in accordance with the United States "1930 year tax law" section 337 investigation, to block Chinese steel products export to the United States market.the United States Steel Corporation, will use every means to fight for fair trade, and continue through anti-subsidy and anti-dumping cases, promote the existing law enforcement work.

337 investigation refers to the United States International Trade Commission can be in accordance with section 337 of the 1930 year end of the tax law, launched an investigation into the unfair behavior of import trade sanctions.

The chief of Commerce trade Remedy bureau give an address, and said the 337 investigation focused on intellectual property rights infringement, and steel products is relatively mature products, there is no such thing as an intellectual property dispute.The so-called intellectual property infringement allegations have no factual basis, hope that the International Trade Commission of United States to dismiss the complaint.The United States Steel Corporation to Chinese steel industry filed a 337 investigation is base on Chinese exports of steel have risen sharply. At the beginning of 2014, Chinese steel exports continue to increase, by the end of 2015, steel exports accounted for more than 10% total output.

During the trade friction with the world's largest steel producer China ,so far the movement of United States Steel Corporation is the most audacious and intense action.

At present, Chinese steel production accounts for nearly half of the world. Chinese steel exports cause international anti-dumping, but in the name of the infringement of intellectual property rights of a complain, this is the first case. The director of Chinese Steel Industry Association give an address, and said that they were shocked by the "337 investigation" application of the United States Steel Corporation, the relevant control output, price, forge the origin and the so-called intellectual property rights infringement charges based on no facts, contradiction and related to the position.Therefore, in the hope that the United States International Trade Commission to dismiss the complaint.

   The director also said that Chinese Iron and Steel Association, as an industry organization, always strictly abide by Chinese laws, and in accordance with the rules of multilateral international activities.

   The director finally stressed that the steel industry in China and the United States share broad common interests, Chinese steel industry agree to exchange views through communication, dialogue and consultations with the United States to make both parties can fully , and seek to jointly maintain the market order, and oppose trade protectionism, and jointly cope with global steel overcapacity problem.

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