90% Of Steel Traders Winter Storage End Of This Year

90% Of Steel Traders Winter Storage End Of This Year

Date:Jan 03, 2019

The main reason for the optimism about the trend after the year is the low production of steel mills, and this year's environmental production restrictions strength has increased, the annual inventory is likely to exceed business expectations hit a new high. 

And in the case of real estate control, downstream demand start will be more active, winter storage and is a wise choice. In addition, about 3% of people mentioned that last year due to the steel mills to buy less high prices after the loss of winter storage, there will be no winter storage this year. In the end, 90% said they would make it clear winter storage.

In all , analysts said that environmental protection production restrictions, real estate regulation and other multiple factors caused by the market for the expectations of the aftermarket is generally optimistic is the main reason why steel traders choose winter storage. And the total amount of winter storage will increase from last year.

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