Accurately Grasp The Transformation And Upgrading To Do Fine Steel Industry

Accurately Grasp The Transformation And Upgrading To Do Fine Steel Industry

Date:May 25, 2017

     Shen Wenrong that do fine steel industry, first of all, to adjust the product structure around the market demand. For example, with the development of China's auto industry, a large number of automotive steel has increased, these automotive steel are high-quality steel, especially some fasteners, such as screw screw nuts, steel performance and quality requirements Much higher than the car plate. Nearly five years, Shagang around this aspect do everything possible in the research and development, automotive tire steel wire, cord steel products, etc. from the low-end to the high-end forward. Second, committed to the construction of high-end products, research and development, out of a, two rebar, research and development of six, seven rebar, these rebar with high corrosion resistance, high strength, seismic performance, can be used for cross-sea Bridges and other construction. Second, to improve product quality. In five years ago, Shagang to participate in the international market competition products only 15%, now 50% -60% of the products can participate in international competition, 60% -70% of the product is the leading domestic. Third, to enhance research and development capabilities. To make full use of post-doctoral workstations, steel research and other platforms to solve the problems occurred in the production process, while research and development of new products, training a group of both know how to produce and have the level of scientific research of high-end talent to form a strong core research team.

     Shen Wenrong stressed that doing fine steel is also more efficient in the "article". From a global perspective, the current per capita production of steel is 1800-2000 tons, Shagang is 1200-1300 tons, or a certain gap. This is mainly because the degree of automation is not high, many places have not yet achieved "four". To be around the industry 4.0, to further promote the "mechanization, automation, information technology", in order to achieve intelligence. Through the efforts to strive for the next 3-5 years, the per capita production of steel from the current 1,200 tons or so to about 1,600 tons, 400-500 jobs to achieve the robot operation, and thus further refined steel industry, to enhance the core business Competitiveness.


      Only to do this, in order to really strong steel industry.


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