After The Steel Industry Was Limited Production In October, Can The Steel Price Rise?

After The Steel Industry Was Limited Production In October, Can The Steel Price Rise?

Date:Sep 27, 2018

Following Tangshan "key industry autumn and winter differential peak production performance evaluation Guidance Advice" another market news that another steel production province in Jiangsu recently will take limited production measures, although there is no clear limited production documents, but some local steel mills have received limited production verbal notice,

The specific limited production time 11.1-11.30, maintain one months, requires the steel plant to make the plan to report limited production, each region according to its own situation to adjust. According to CISA data, in early September, the major steel company average daily output of 1.972 million tons, increased by 70,100 tons, growth of 3.69%. The total production of crude steel in September is expected to rebound from August, as the profit of this year's tons of steel is better, steel mills have reason to limited production before the increase.


In addition, according to domestic authoritative steel cloud business Platform monitoring data show that, as of September 21, the steel social inventory of 8.464 million tons, compared with the last week dropped 136,000 tons, reversing the September the first two weeks of inventory continued growth trend. The total inventory remains at a low level, indirectly indicating the domestic steel demand stability.

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