Iron And Steel Industry Mergers And Acquisitions Accelerated

Iron And Steel Industry Mergers And Acquisitions Accelerated

Date:May 11, 2017

     Commodity market black product prices crash difficult to block the major domestic steel companies to the production capacity, mergers and reorganization of the road. On Tuesday, Guangzhou Daily reporter learned from a number of iron and steel enterprises, following the merger of Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, a number of iron and steel enterprises are brewing a number of restructuring: one of the Anshan Iron and Steel Group to participate in the restructuring of the Northeast Special Steel Group, 51%. And, the Northeast Special Steel Group to consider the future of Fushun special steel platform to rely on the overall listing. As steel prices continued to plunge, A shares of steel stocks are still in the process of falling.

     Industry sources, the Northeast Special Steel plans to pay a full amount of debt, the next installment to repay a certain amount of secured claims, more than the amount of unsecured claims, including public offering bonds will be debt-to-equity swap. There is still uncertainty about the reorganization plan.

     Institutions: short-term focus on reorganization opportunities

     At the opening of the Ninth China International Iron and Steel Conference this week, Vice Minister of Industry and Industry Xin Guobin said that we should actively resolve the excess capacity of steel and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry. The industry believes that in the future industry structure optimization process, to production and merger and reorganization will become the industry development trend.


     Baodong Group General Manager Chen Derong believes that China's steel industry a new round of mergers and acquisitions time window has been opened. The industry will then reorganize the banner of mergers and acquisitions to achieve the industrial scale and organizational structure of the match, and its state-owned steel enterprises with the mixed ownership reform combined. The share of state-owned capital in the future steel industry will be further reduced through the reduction of state-owned shares and the mixed ownership reform of state-owned steel enterprises. The continuous reduction of the proportion of state-owned capital will help the industry to maintain rationality in the full competition, and further enhance the industrial efficiency.

     Guangzhou Daily reporter learned that the iron and steel enterprises merger and reorganization of the road is not overnight, Shougang and Hebei Iron and Steel last year on the joint due to various problems and stranded. But the merger and reorganization of the general direction has been set, the market institutions are still expected to reorganize the various types of restructuring: is expected to 5 to 8 years later, the existing domestic iron and steel enterprises will be merged into 10 larger industrial groups.

     In the merger and reorganization expectations, a long time in the "bear market", the recent decline in the A shares of steel plate investment value has been improved. Wanlian Securities analysts advise retail investors to focus on short-term restructuring opportunities for steel stocks and midline value investment opportunities.

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