Li Yiren: How To Realize Intelligent Upgrade In China 's Iron And Steel Industry

Li Yiren: How To Realize Intelligent Upgrade In China 's Iron And Steel Industry

Date:May 16, 2017

     Over the past 100 years, steel materials have been the world's most widely used, indispensable functional structural materials, is still in the metal material inside the most cost-effective, the most widely used, the next long period will remain this Status. With the "Made in China 2025" implementation, China's equipment manufacturing industry gradually to the high-end level, but also inseparable from the strong support of steel materials and quality assurance.

     Here is a question, how the traditional steel industry into the equipment manufacturing industry to the high-end level of the trend to adapt to the equipment manufacturing industry to enhance the quality of steel demand, which is our steel industry, intelligent manufacturing must first solve a problem The


     In the past few decades, China's iron and steel industry has achieved rapid development, from the beginning of the reform and opening up an annual output of tens of millions of tons of steel, after a short period of 30 years, and now an annual output of more than 800 million tons. Although it is "to the production capacity" era, but in the future, the iron and steel industry will continue to upgrade the entire national economic structure, especially the equipment manufacturing industry to play a high level of play an important role.

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