Steel Production Capacity Has Been Completed More Than Half Of The Year

Steel Production Capacity Has Been Completed More Than Half Of The Year

Date:May 24, 2017

     According to the National Development and Reform Commission official website news, into 2017, steel and coal to work to 

continue to carry out and has achieved positive results. Up to now, the country out of steel production capacity of 31.7 million tons, has completed the annual task of 63.4%; a total of 68.97 million tons of coal production capacity, has completed 46% of the annual task. With the continuous advancement of steel and coal to the production capacity, economic structure optimization and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, the positive results are gradually emerging, highlighting the performance: First, significantly improve the efficiency of enterprises. The first quarter of this year, the Iron and Steel Industry Association member company profits from the same period last year loss of 8.75 billion yuan to profit of 23.28 billion yuan; the second is the wage social security arrears reduced. As of the end of March, Shanxi Province, the cumulative arrears of wages than the end of 2016 down 58.4%; accumulated social insurance than the end of 2016 down 10.8%; third is the industrial structure optimization and upgrading. High-quality production capacity in the industrial upgrading of the leading role to play further; Fourth, the market competition order improved significantly. Through the elimination of backward, illegal construction projects clean up and joint enforcement of three special operations, and further create a survival of the fittest market environment.

     Development and Reform Commission said that the iron and steel industry to work to actively promote the work, not only to promote the efficiency of recovery and improve efficiency, and enhance business and social confidence, but also embodies the whole society to promote the supply side of the structural reform consensus.


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