Steel To Produce Capacity Has Completed The Annual Task Of 63.4%

Steel To Produce Capacity Has Completed The Annual Task Of 63.4%

Date:May 12, 2017

     May 10, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting, to listen to the progress of production capacity and key industries to eliminate backward production capacity of the report, to promote economic restructuring. The meeting pointed out that to resolve and eliminate the excess backward production capacity is the supply side of the structural reform of the important task is to change the mode of development and promote the transformation of old and new energy requirements of the inevitable.

     Since the beginning of this year, various regions and departments have continued to pay close attention to the implementation of the work, iron and steel, coal industry to eliminate backward production capacity and achieved positive results, the country out of steel production capacity of 31.7 million tons, 68.97 million tons of coal production capacity, respectively, the annual task of 63.4% The But the inspectors also found that the stage of supply and demand changes lead to weakened capacity to produce capacity, some places to eliminate backward production capacity lag, staff placement, debt disposal, mergers and reorganization is more difficult and so on.

     CCTD China Coal Market Network Observer Chen Jie said that in the origin of coal release and the role of national macro-control, the upstream coal production capacity can be released significantly, especially the main coal origin, a large number of coal production and recovery, increased sales and delivery volume. The relevant state departments to actively promote the rational return of coal prices, coal prices in most areas fell significantly. With the advent of the rainy season, hydropower issuance, low prices of hydropower into the coastal market, resulting in reduced coal consumption, thermal coal prices continue to decline, coal prices are accelerating to return to a reasonable range.

     In the remediation "to the steel", the Steel Association revealed that in order to promote the strip as soon as possible out of clear, May 2 to 25, to the production capacity of the joint meeting will be sent to nine working groups around the " "To carry out special inspections. It is expected that in July and August, the inter-ministerial federation will also carry out the total acceptance of the provinces and cities.

     Zhuo record information iron and steel analyst Cui Hong said, "Land Steel" is a troubled steel industry for many years the old problem, has been playing more and more, from last year the country sent a number of inspectors field supervision And exposure, and the responsible person to deal with, and achieved remarkable results. According to the current summary of the data, the provinces and autonomous regions have cleared the "land steel" enterprises a total of more than 500, involving production capacity of 119 million tons. With the "land of steel" capacity of the rapid exit, China's steel industry to achieve a profitability, is conducive to the subsequent healthy and orderly development of the steel industry.

     In view of the next step to the work of the work, the meeting also pointed out that one should use more market-oriented means of rule, a solid and effective elimination and elimination of excess backward production capacity. Resolutely investigate and deal with illegal production and construction and does not meet the environmental protection, quality, safety and other standards of the enterprise, the work of poor places to seriously accountability. Around the limit will be found in the early investigation of the "land steel" production capacity to completely ban, remove the equipment, prevent resurgence. On the inclusion of annual capacity to the task of coal mines to the end of November to exit all. Eliminate, stop building, slow construction of coal projects to the task as soon as possible to clear the time limit, responsibility to the people. Second, we should do a good job of resettlement workers placed in a prominent position. Third, we must strengthen supervision and supervision, all localities should be announced in time to the production capacity of relevant information, improve the reporting system to prevent the elimination of backward production capacity fraud, and firmly control the import of low-quality coal.

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