"Steel wire" narrowed closer to China and the world

Date:May 10, 2017

     Since the first trip in Central Europe in 2011 from the opening of Chongqing, China and Europe have

 accumulated more than 3600 rows of columns. A series of figures can indicate the rapid development

 of the Central European classes: from column 1 to column 500, which lasted four years; from column 

501 to column 1000, which lasted more than seven months; from 1001 to 2000, More than eight 

months; from the first 2001 to the first 3000, only 5 months.

     China and the EU to accelerate the development of the back, is "all the way along the" building a 

comprehensive layout, is to build "Silk Road economic zone" specific practice.

     Reasonable layout, smooth transport. China and Europe to the railway infrastructure interconnection 

for the support, to strengthen the east to connect, to expand the west, through the optimization of

 space layout, rational distribution of hub nodes, and better use of domestic and international 

resources, two markets, to create a Safe, efficient and convenient international intermodal corridor.

     Open and inclusive, build and share. In the process of opening China and Europe in the process of 

carrying forward the peaceful cooperation, open tolerance, mutual education, mutual benefit and 

win-win spirit of the Silk Road, close cooperation with the countries along the line to find the best 

point of cooperation and cooperation, and give full play to the advantages And potential, and strive to

 achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

     Interconnection, trade first. China and Europe to open up a new logistics channel for the market to 

provide a maritime transport, air transport outside the third option to the relevant areas of China has

 brought new opportunities for development, help to create a favorable environment for investment,

 promote inland cities open. From the Yiwu out of the Central European class is the Yangtze River

 Delta region to connect the European countries, one of the important logistics channel, with the 

normal operation of the class, the entire Yangtze River Delta market supply is gradually included in 

Zhejiang for the European trade facilitation Reliable guarantee.

    Xinjiang and the new Asia-Europe Continental Bridge along the region is located in China's economic

 depression, in recent years in the "one way", the western development and other strategies, driven by 

the new Eurasian Continental Bridge in the provinces and autonomous regions of the economic 

development rate is higher than the national average The China and Europe set up in Urumqi, the 

assembly center, on the one hand to reduce the logistics costs, improve operational efficiency, expand

the profit margins of related enterprises; the other hand, also promote the economic elements gathered 

to drive the rapid development of regional economic radiation.

     Interconnection, cultural integration. With a column from the column is not only the goods, it is

 cultural customs and customs. In early February this year, the Central European class (Wuhan) from 

Lyon, France, via Duisburg, Germany, across the Eurasian continent more than ten thousand kilometers,

 the world famous French wine, cosmetics and other products through the Central European team into 

the Wuhan people Daily life. Wuhan and France this year will also prepare a "Chinese tea encounter

 French wine" activities, the European and European classes will be closer to Wuhan and France.

     For English and Chinese staff, learning English and Russian are new challenges for their work. 

Alashankou Station freight shop foreign dispatcher Cui Jianjiang in Kazakhstan's Dorsk station station

 for 25 years, Urumqi Railway Bureau is the longest working hours outside the staff. Only secondary

 school diploma, he used his spare time to learn Russian, oral level reached the level of accessibility. 

Now Cui Jianjiang took to the streets to buy things, Kazakhstan young boys and little girls will take the 

initiative to greet him.

     2100 years ago, Zhang Qian made the Western Regions to open up the ancient Silk Road; now, the 

strip of railways on the mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial way to the ancient Silk Road to the 

new vitality and vitality. China and Europe sent to the "Made in China", but also sent to the Chinese 

opportunity; tap the international market, but also brought back the world vision. The future, there will

 be more CEIBS in the "one way along the road" on the ride, shop a new era of "iron and steel road."

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