The Hundred Regiments Offensive By ALIBABA Group

The Hundred Regiments Offensive By ALIBABA Group

Date:Mar 01, 2016

As a member of Alibaba, the oversea department of our company attend the meeting  named ‘’ The Hundred Regiments Offensive which hold by ALIBABA group on 1st  March, 2016.

 ‘ The Hundred Regiments Offensive ‘ is the sales season for export company to earn the market which only valid for one month, to find the one who earn the more order in this activity, during this time customer can got the best discount from the seller and seller can enlarge their business.

Our sales team attend this meeting in order to know more about our products in abroad and open the great market in the world. 

Picture one: the hundred regiments offensive

Picture two : Our company in this activity

Picture three: Our sales team 

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