The United States Will Launch Sanctions Against Japan And South Korea

The United States Will Launch Sanctions Against Japan And South Korea

Date:May 09, 2017

         According to Japanese media reports, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) 5, Japan and

 South Korea that a total of eight countries and regions of iron and steel products to irrational low 

imports to the United States, leading to the US steel industry Interest is compromised.


        It is reported that the US Department of Commerce made in March to impose the decision to

 impose anti-dumping duties. This is the first time since Trump came to power, the final decision on the

 Japanese products to impose sanctions. The United States International Trade Commission is an

 independent body based on evidence for fair judgment.


       Reported that the object of sanctions for the building and mechanical parts for the carbon steel 

and alloy steel. Japanese anti-dumping tax rate for the JFE steel 48.67%, Tokyo Steel 14.79% and so on.

       On the French manufacturers of anti-dumping tax rate of the highest, up to 148.02%, for South

 Korea-made steel, in addition to anti-dumping duties, will also impose a government subsidy part of 

the countervailing duty. Other target countries and regions are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and 


        JFE steel public relations department on the 6th said: "do not think the Japanese steel industry 

caused damage to the United States, very sorry."

        March US trade deficit with Japan surge, US Commerce Secretary Ross this month on the 4th 

issued a rare statement, said: "The United States is difficult to tolerate." He said that to reduce the 

deficit, will be serious about unfair trade.

        According to the US Department of Commerce revealed that the United States from Japan in 

2015 imports of 12,200 tons of carbon steel and alloy steel, worth 55 million US dollars. The above

 eight countries and regions imported from South Korea up to 300,000 tons.

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