This Year The Coal To Iron Production Capacity Program Released

This Year The Coal To Iron Production Capacity Program Released

Date:May 26, 2017

     Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and other departments recently issued "on the 2017 iron and steel industry to solve the excess capacity to achieve difficulties in the development of the views of the work", clear 2017 the country will withdraw about 50 million tons of crude steel production capacity, exit coal production capacity of 150 million tons or more.

     In the steel to the production capacity, the "opinions" requirements, June 30, 2017, "land steel" production capacity to withdraw from the law; to strengthen the effective supply of steel industry, to avoid price ups and downs; 2013 out of crude steel production capacity of about 50 million tons; Mergers and reorganization to take a new pace, to achieve substantial progress; strict implementation of staff placement procedures, multi-open workers to resettle the way, and strive to do the workers are not laid off jobs, unemployed; in accordance with the principle of marketization, rule of law properly disposed of corporate debt, Disposal policy; accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and promote further optimization of industrial layout.

     In terms of coal production capacity, the "opinions" requirement, insist on backward production capacity should be retired, can retreat early, 2017 years out of coal production capacity of more than 150 million tons, to achieve total coal, regional, variety and demand for basic balance. Multi-party workers to open up the way to resettlement, proper placement of workers; in accordance with the principle of marketization and rule of law to actively promote corporate debt and asset disposal, and strive to achieve substantial progress. Accelerate the merger and reorganization, transformation and upgrading, to further optimize the industrial layout.


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