What Is The Most Widely Used 304 Stainless Steel Tube Performance Analysis?

What Is The Most Widely Used 304 Stainless Steel Tube Performance Analysis?

Date:Nov 27, 2018

304 stainless Steel has a good cold, thermal processing performance, can use a variety of general cold, thermal processing technology to produce forging materials, bars, wire, plate, strip and silk and other metallurgical products, thermal processing temperature range of 900-1180 ℃.Cold processing is easy, no special difficulties, because the two kinds of steel easy to cold and hardening, when the cold deformation is too large, it is necessary to carry out intermediate annealing treatment, in order to facilitate further processing.

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304 stainless steel pipe solidification treatment temperature of 1080-1100 ℃, cooling mode for water-cooled or air-cooled.Cold processing intermediate annealing temperature is more than 850-970 ℃, insulation for a certain period of time after water cooling.The tissues of the treated steel after solidification are austenitic, and sometimes there are a small amount of ferrite.

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304 Stainless steel tubes inhibit carbide precipitation during welding and can be welded using a general method.

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304 stainless steel sheet in the application process, often used in cold molding operations.There are many cold forming factors affecting 304 stainless steel, which are also very complicated. As far as its metallization factors are concerned, it is mainly the composition of steel, that is, the ratio of chromium equivalent to nickel equivalent, and the elongation in its conventional tensile properties is an important characterization index.

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Food equipment, general chemical equipment, atomic energy industrial plant components, etc., are widely used. Suitable for deep punching parts and acid transmission pipes, containers, etc. Vehicle, auto Parts box household appliances are also used in this steel. It is the largest production and dosage of austenitic stainless steel, used in the production of thin-walled parts, acid transmission pipes and structural parts.

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