2 X2 304L Stainless Steel Tube

2 X2 304L Stainless Steel Tube

Austenitic 304L Stainless Steel pipe.
304L Stainless steel tube surface finish and smooth and flat inner wall.

The element content of the 304L stainless steel tube Cā‰¤0.03 ni8.00~12.00 cr18.00~20.00,mn<=2.0 Si<=1.0 S<=0.030 P<=0.035.



Gegu treatment, pickling.

Performance characteristics: Smooth inner wall, low water transmission resistance, can withstand high water flow rate erosion, solid solution treatment, welding channel and substrate mechanical properties, anti-corrosion performance is basically the same, deep processing performance is excellent.

Thin-walled stainless steel pipe

Main features: Long service life, low failure rate, leakage rate, good conveying water quality, will not precipitate harmful objects into the water, smooth inner wall, low water transmission resistance, cost-effective, service life of up to 100 years, no maintenance, low cost, can withstand high water velocity erosion of up to 30m/s, bright pipe laying, beautiful appearance.

Food hygiene Pipe

Performance characteristics: Inner surface roughness ra up to more than 0.2, wall hanging residue is less, easy to clean, prevent bacterial growth, electrolytic polishing has passivation effect, internal wall defense performance is good.

Fluid tube Stainless Steel pipe

Carefully manufactured stainless steel inner flat welded pipe, fine chemical compared to ordinary sanitary steel pipe, its surface finish and inner wall smooth and flat, steel plate flexibility is better, wide coverage, uniform wall thickness, higher accuracy, no hemp point, good quality characteristics.

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2 x2 304L stainless steel tube

2 x2 304L stainless steel tube

2 x2 304L stainless steel tube

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