201 Stainless Steel Pipe For Sale

201 Stainless Steel Pipe For Sale

1.201 Stainless Steel tube--S20100 (AISI. ASTM)
2.Section nickel 201 Stainless steel tube.
3.The 201 stainless steel tube can be used in the manufacture of decorative tubes, industrial tubes, and some light-stretched products.

201 Stainless Steel Pipe has: acid, alkali, high density, no pinhole, etc., is the production of various cases, the bottom cover of the bracelet high-quality materials.

【Production process】

A. round bar preparation; b. heating; c. Hot-rolled perforation; d. Cutting head; E. pickling; F. grinding; G. lubrication; H. cold rolling processing; I. degreasing; J. Solution heat treatment; K. straightening; L. pipe; M. pickling; n. finished product inspection.

201 Stainless Steel Pipe For Sale

【Weight formula】

201 Stainless Steel Management theory weight: [(outside diameter-wall thickness) * Wall thickness]*0.02491=kg/m (weight per metre).

【Physical properties】

1. Elongation: 60 to 80%

2. Tensile stiffness: 100,000 to 180,000 PSI

3. Elastic modulus: 29,000,000 psi

4. Yield stiffness: 50,000 to 150,000 PSI

Because the stainless steel 201A material is only slightly harder than 304, elongation ratio of 304, deep drawing and deep pull will crack, but in the decorative welded pipe industry These do not affect the use, after polishing a short period of time in the room will not rust, with 3,041 like no magnetism, only by observing the surface generally can not distinguish them, This makes the cheap stainless steel get a rapid development.

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