25mm OD 316L Stainless Steel Tube

25mm OD 316L Stainless Steel Tube

316L Stainless steel pipe is a hollow long round steel.
316L Stainless steel tubes at the same time bending, torsional strength, light weight.

The maximum carbon content of 316L stainless steel tubes is 0.03 and can be used in applications where annealing is not possible after welding and where maximum corrosion resistance is required.

【The role of MO elements】

 316L stainless steel pipe due to the addition of Mo, corrosion resistance, especially the corrosion resistance   performance is excellent, high temperature strength is also very good, excellent processing hardening (weak   magnetism after processing), solid state non-magnetic.

【Chemical constituents】


  Si :≤1.0

  Mn :≤2.0

  Cr :16.0~18.0

  Ni :12.0~15.0

  S :≤0.03

  P :≤0.045


【316 stainless steel tube steel】

 316 stainless steel pipe is a type of molybdenum containing stainless steel.

【Concentration value range of sulfuric acid】

 When the concentration of sulfuric acid is less than 15% and higher than 85%, 316 stainless steel has a wide       range of uses.

【Properties of chloride erosion】

 316 stainless Steel tubes also have good resistance to chloride erosion, so they are commonly used in the marine   environment.

【Corrosion Resistant Properties】

  Excellent corrosion resistance, in the pulp and paper production process has a good corrosion resistance.

【Oxidation resistant properties】

 316 stainless steel is also resistant to the erosion of the marine and corrosive industrial atmosphere. The heat   resistance is intermittent use below 1600 degrees and in continuous use below 1700 degrees, 316 stainless steel   tubes have good oxidation resistance.

【Products Show】

25mm OD 316L stainless steel tube

25mm OD 316L stainless steel tube

25mm OD 316L stainless steel tube

25mm OD 316L stainless steel tube

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