301 Stainless Steel Pipe Astm

301 Stainless Steel Pipe Astm

1.301 is the most widely used stainless steel, heat-resisting steels.
2.Used in food production equipment, chemical equipment, nuclear energy and so on.

301 (17cr-7ni-Carbon) Material: Compared with 304 steel, Cr, ni content less, cold processing, tensile strength and hardness increased, non-magnetic.

301 Stainless Steel tube is magnetic after cold machining.

【Weight Calculation formula】

[OD-Wall thickness] * wall thickness]*0.02491=kg/m (weight per metre)

【Chemical composition】


Si :≤1.0 

Mn :≤2.0

Cr :16.0~18.0

Ni :6.0-8.0

S :≤0.03 

P :≤0.045


301 Stainless Steel Yield strength(N/mm2)≥205

Tensile strength≥520

Extension rate(%)≥40

HardnessHB ≤187 HRB≤90 HV ≤200

【Heat Treatment Specification】

 Solid solution 1010~1150℃ fast cooling.

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