Pipe Cross

Pipe Cross
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   Cross fittings are also called 4-way fittings. If a branch line passes completely through a tee, the fitting becomes a cross. A cross has one inlet and three outlets, or vice verse. They often have solvent welded socket ends or female threaded ends.

   Cross fittings can generate a huge amount of stress on pipe as temperature changes, because they are at the center of four connection points. A tee is more steady than a cross, as a tee behaves like a three-legged stool, while a cross behaves like a four-legged stool. (Geometrically, "any 3 non-collinear points define a plane" thus 3 legs are inherently stable.) Crosses are common in fire sprinkler systems, where stresses caused by thermal expansion are not generally an issue, but not in plumbing, due to their extra cost as compared to using two tees.

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   Seamless: 1/2”-24”, Welded:24”-96”



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