Black Stainless Steel Plate Annealed

Black Stainless Steel Plate Annealed

Black stainless steel plate is annealed, which is kind of heat treatment, actually most of the stainless steel plate sheet is black after produced

2 B surface cold rolling after heat treatment, pickling, and then finishing rolling to make the surface a moderate bright person. Because the surface is smooth, easy to grind again, make the surface more bright, a wide range of uses, such as tableware, building materials and so on. The use of surface treatment to improve mechanical properties, almost all uses.

Black Stainless Steel Plate Annealed

If you need black stainless steel plate pls contact with us to confirm the details specification , it is necessary to write the agreement letter to confirm all details , becuase there are few customers to buy the black stainless steel plate , it is kind of stainless steel plate seldom in the market , and need more process to meet your requirement .

Black Stainless Steel Plate Annealed

Stainless steel in the production in order to reduce or eliminate all kinds of uneven phenomenon in steel has taken a series of important measures to improve the corrosion resistance of steel.

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